House and Roof Washing in Rosedale

House and roof washing are our specialties at Platinum Wash, with our services available throughout Rosedale. Our teams are fully equipped to provide a full range of roof and house washing services, with quality at the core of everything we do.

This means you will get guaranteed results in addition to a professional and friendly service. Our prices are affordable too, so get in touch today to get a quote.

Why Choose Professional High-Pressure Washing Services in Rosedale?

Pressure washing is the most effective way to clean your home, including your roof. It completes the job efficiently, plus it is environmentally friendly.

There are caveats to the above points, of course. This mainly involves the approach of the company involved and the quality of equipment they use. Only with the right techniques and the best equipment can you be sure of the best service.

This is exactly what you get when you come to us at Platinum Wash. Give us a call to find out more.

Why Choose Us?

  • Comprehensive house and roof washing services
  • High-quality and well-maintained equipment
  • Safe work practices
  • Environmentally friendly techniques and materials
  • Reliable and professional team
  • Experience of all sizes of job
  • Competitive prices

We offer free quotes too, and there is no obligation. Please call us on 021428307 to get a price for your house or roof washing job in Rosedale.